Sea Turtle Wall Fountain 







Sea Turtle Wall Fountain 
May 25, 2009
7' x 2' 
Commission: Curved Wall Above Pool.
Residential Installation: Sarasota, Florida  

The designs of these three "endangered" sea turtles were first created by Sculptor Frank Colson in 1991 as a commission for Sarasota Memorial Hospital. These architectural sculptures have since been used in other arrangements and settings, both exterior and interior.

The Colson sea turtles are made of fired clay and fused with glazes.  Fins and head are attached separately to the body, the underside of which is designed to be mounted on a vertical wall.

The large turtle in the center of the composition is a LOGGERHEAD Turtle, the most common of all species. The GREEN Turtle is found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, but was also
abundant in South Florida at the time Columbus arrived in 1503.  The deep red Turtle is a
HAWKSBILL. Its shell is the one used to make tortoiseshell jewelry.  The HAWKSBILL
can climb over reefs and rocks, which other turtles are unable to do.





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1666 Hillview Street

Sarasota, Florida - 34239


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