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PELICAN PRESS  May 04, 2011

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olson family tradition
PELICAN PRESS  February 18, 2010

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Frank in the June 2009 issue of Style Magazine



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High five for a new gallery


MARCH 18, 2009

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Colson, Hardy and others at RCAD;
. . . .
- MAY 28, 2008
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Constancy in art: Frank Colson retrospective

- MAY 14, 2008
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Sarasota Herald Tribune - MAY 17, 2006


longboat key observer -  december 11, 2003


siesta key's pelican press - december 4, 2003


















sarasota herald-tribune - december 3, 2003


Hudson Register-Star

"The work of ceramicist Frank Colson is featured for July at the Hudson 
Valley Arts Center, 337 Warren St., Hudson. His work is a unique fusion of modern ceramic aesthetics and ancient designs. Colson's work is drawn from the design of the ancient Chinese Han Horses. He uses a combination of bold glazing techniques and color combinations...a subtle variation on this approach is his use of pit firing which plays on more of the ancient design, and provides a softer feel to the work. Boththe pit firing and his bold two-tone glazing techniques have an abstract nature to them that works well with the established form of the Han Horse.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Animal, Vegetable, Mineral," on display at Gallerie Chiz in Shadyside... has a large display of horse sculptures that gallery owner Ellen Chisdes Neuberg has dubbed "for the horsey set." When I visited the gallery... I was pleasantly surprised. The sculptures are by Frank Colson...clay and bronze sculptures of horses based on designs from China's Han (206 B.C. to A.D. 220) and Tang (618 to 906) dynasties. Colson has made clay horses since 1962, but it was not until 1994, when he began making slip-cast molds based on Western Han Dynasty burial figures, that his horse sculptures took on dramatic historical effect. Other works such as "Braying Horse," with its wildly gestured stance, and "Mane Horse," with its flowing and extended mane, offer stylistic flourishes while holding steadfast to the Tang influence and maintaining centuries-old effects."-Kurt Shaw

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Taking his inspirations from the art of ancient cultures, ...Colson develops a distinctly modern and unique expression of the agelessness and essentially unchanging continuation of life. Underneath the whimsical presentation, the features and the bright colors seems to lie a seriousness of purpose that won't  be ignored." - Rex Allyn

The Pelican Press

"Colson's horses are handsomely well-scaled, concise and strong. There is a nice tension in the arch of their necks and the suggestion of a primitive history."
- Thyrza Jacobs

Vero Beach Press-Journal

"He (Colson) ...traveled extensively throughout South America and the Pacific and acknowledges his most recent work is indebted to the arts of the Aztecs, of Thailand, of Japan...But he does not copy these early arts; his sculpture is highly original, often humorous, always intriguing."


"Colson's work speaks of tradition and myth but not through the traditional pottery forms we're accustomed to. By combining ancient smoke firing methods with modern art forms, the works takes on a timeless quality."
- Sandhill Arts Council



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