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Contemporary Han Horses

smoke fired
silver and serrated red 
Green Patina 
and colored glaze


10" x 10" x 2" , clay.  $225 each

Delightfully whimsical while ever alert, these delightful figures were inspired by the ancient Chinese Han horses unearthed during an historical archeological dig.

The development of this small (10" x 10" x 2") horse is a first in Mr. Colson's technique of making a slip cast piece mold in 1994. 


This horse was stylized after several Western Han Dynasty burial figures that were "images as attendants of the coffin". 


These horses have small heads, large eyes and nostrils, thin ears, moderately long, arched necks, short wide bodies, very strong limbs, and sturdy hooves.  The original prototype of this horse was modeled in clay and a plaster piece mold was made

to accept a liquid clay slip. 


After each cast, with clay slip, the figure is fired to a moderate temperature of 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. Then each figure is individually re-fired using several different techniques ranging from organic smoke firing to low fire spray chrome glaze application, creating vibrant, crusty orange and reds and then occasionally dusting with volcanic powder. The result gives each horse its own distinctive flavor of aging similar to centuries of environmental exposure.


The Contemporary Han Horse is available in virtually any color and any surface application, ranging from Raku, Smoke Fired, Traditional Majolica Glaze, Metallic Glaze, and Hand Infused Pigments, patted with volcanic dust to give a flavor of centuries old aging.


These Horses make a delightful gift and an attractive addition to a home.

Send an email, tell us which one you like and we'll tell you how you can own a

Frank Colson Contemporary Han Horse.



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