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     On behalf of the 'city' of Lakeland, Florida, Kaleidoscope and Common Ground Organization, PAPILLION is currently part of the public art display from October, 2006 to April, 2007. 

Designed by Frank Colson, this five foot wide aluminum butterfly,

will become a special icon on view at Lakeland, Florida, for the coming year.





Ceramic Butterfly Tiles

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Flight Force Flower Radiance Blue Surge
Wanderlust Tropical Heatwave Blue Lagoon


In commemoration of "Kaleidoscope Butterflies in Flight" a public art project for the city of Lakeland, Florida, Frank Colson has created six distinctive ceramic butterfly tiles.

Each tile is hand made and glazed, measuring six inches square, and are now available.
For price and ordering information, click on any one of the above unique tiles.




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